Should I keep my upright piano up against a wall?

If you go into most homes with a piano, you’ll find that generally, upright pianos are kept up against a wall. It seems to be the accepted standard, and it also seems that upright pianos were designed that way. The consensus seems to be that they’re mainly practice instruments, to be pushed out of the […]

How long do digital pianos last?

For many people, a digital piano is a significant investment. It’s highly likely that you’ll be spending a significant amount of money on your piano. So naturally, you’ll want to ensure that you can use your piano for many years to come. But how long do digital pianos last? Can you expect them to keep […]

How to transport a digital piano

We’ve all needed to move house at one point or another. Whether you’re going to college, moving to a bigger place to start a family or taking your first steps into the real world by moving out from your parents’ house, it’s the same.  If you’re a pianist, moving presents just a tiny little bit […]

How much does a digital piano weigh?

Pianos are heavy. Real heavy. You might be surprised at how heavy they are if you’ve ever tried to move one. There’s a reason piano moving is a profession – it takes an enormous amount of skill and strength to move a piano safely, and it’s not something you can do yourself. Digital pianos are […]