Should I buy a digital piano with light up keys?

For those learning to play the piano, the challenge of learning to read music plus learning how to play the instrument can be a real turn off. Indeed, as a piano teacher of many years, I’ve noticed this in many students – they begin very excited at the prospect of learning their favourite songs, but […]

The Best 76 Key Weighted Digital Piano 2020

There are lots of different varieties of piano out there; digital pianos, acoustic pianos, keyboards. They all differ in many ways, one of which is the amount of keys they have. Generally, acoustic pianos have a full 88 key keyboard. However, there are a smaller subset of digital pianos that are excellent for teaching, learning […]

How many octaves on a piano?

Over the several hundreds of years the piano has taken to develop, the number of keys has changed dramatically, from as little as 32 keys when the piano was first developed, to up to 96 keys on a modern Bosendorfer Imperial. But why is this important to you when buying a piano today? Is it […]

How to get rid of a piano for free

Maybe it’s just not for you. Maybe you’ve tried, but you don’t have the time, patience, or will to learn piano. And that’s OK. Look, I firmly believe that everyone is capable of playing the piano. However, some will find that it’s just not for them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve decided […]